Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Is Henrietta Hughes: Obama's Human Stage Prop

H/T Sweetness & Light

The Property Records Of Henrietta Hughes
According to Lee County, Florida property records:

6/18/01 Property (Lot 19, Block 35, Unit 9, Sec. 20, Twnshp 44S, Range 27, Lehigh Acres Subdivision) purchased by Henrietta and Corey Hughes

10/10/03 - $124,400.00 lien release due to payment in full to Henrietta and Corey Hughes.

8/9/06 - Quit claim deed signed by Henrietta Hughes granting full ownership to Corey Hughes.

No transactions since for either Henrietta Hughes or Corey Hughes which means that Corey Hughes still owns the property. Taxes current (paid) on 1/1/09.

There are a number of mortgage lien holder transfers between 2001 and when it was paid off in 2003. This is normal as liens are often sold (think one mortgage holder buying out another). What is interesting is how this lien for $124,400.00 was paid off in less than 28 months.

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USA_Admiral said...

The Obama "Smoke and Mirrors" tour beigins.