Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who's Bristol Palin's Daddy? Geoffrey Dunn at the Gaborington Post Tries to be Surrogate Daddy

Down at the Gaborington Post, one of the farm-hands Geoffrey Dunn tries to dole out parental advice on abstinence.

In trying to do that, surrogate-father-want-to-be Dunn, tries to drive the emotional wedge between mother and daughter with a headline that reads:

Palin's Evangelical Base Slaps Down Bristol

Dunn tries to pull at reader's heart strings with the hope that his chance for a mommy dearest moment will come to play out in real life.

Here is the mommy dearest quote from Dunn:

one of mom Sarah Palin's chief support groups -- right-wing evangelicals who promote abstinence -- tore into Bristol over her comments on Fox News that "abstinence is unrealistic.

Usually moments like this are saved for custody battles and if you look at the group's statement, Dunn's histrionic personality comes through when he writes "tore into Bristol." But he gets better on developing the mommy dearest moment:

I'm not going to touch NAEA's implied reference to Fox News with a ten-foot pole. But only weeks after Sarah Palin said "leave my kids alone," her biggest "news" promoter, Van Susteren, sneaks into Alaska behind Palin's back for a ratings-grabbing interview with Bristol. And then a conservative Christian group goes after her daughter.

Where's Palin's vituperative comeback at Van Susteren or the NAEA?

Her silence says truck loads.

I've written more than two dozen pieces on Palin since she was picked to ride shotgun with John McCain, and I've never once mentioned Bristol and her pregnancy. But now that Bristol is 18 and coming forward with public interviews of her own about issues such as teen-pregnancy and abstinence, I felt compelled to point out the irony of this new attack on Bristol and the hypocrisy of Palin's silence.

Silence? Some say silence is consent. Some say silence is golden. In the case of Dunn's writing, the latter would apply and the first would apply in Palin's case in that she agrees with the policy of abstinence.

Also what is interesting is all the while he is discussing Palin he said he never mentioned Bristol and the pregnancy until now. If it was such a compelling case before,as Dunn points to, why now? Is it because she is 18? As Dunn admits, the NAEA has talked about it in the past. So why wait until she was 18?

Dunn continues with the hypocrisy:

Moreover, this is not the first time that the NAEA has used Bristol's pregnancy to advance its own cause. Last September, Valerie Huber, the executive director of NAEA, invoked Bristol's pregnancy in an op-ed piece for USA Today pushing the abstinence myth.

The governor was silent then, too.

I don't pretend to be an expert on teen pregnancy. But for the record, I think Bristol was spot-on in her comments about abstinence. If Sarah Palin's evangelical base really wants to confront teen pregnancy, they'd be smart to listen to Bristol Palin and others in her shoes and absorb some of their real-life wisdom.

There are ironies, and then there are real ironies. In the aftermath of Bristol Palin's candid interview with Greta Van Susteren this week about teen abstinence, one of mom Sarah Palin's chief support...

Dunn is right, he is no expert on teen pregnancy.

If Dunn had paid any attention to what Bristol had said, the bottom line, she would have waited ten years to have a child. And you could tell that the mistake of not abstaining or not using a contraceptive was something that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

The real myth here is; Dunn gives a rats-ass about Bristol. The sole purpose here, was to play surrogate daddy and come up with a mommy dearest moment between Palin and Bristol.

This guy admits writing many articles on Palin and I will take a guess, most haven't been kind.

The other myth is; education on contraceptives and their use, prevent teen pregnancies. Dunn doesn't have to go very far to search statistics on that subject does he.

Moreover, Palin is there giving support to daughter Bristol as is the whole family.

Dunn however, like a daddy wannabe, is absent on dealing with these realities.

When it comes to real-life wisdom on teen pregnancies or family matters on the Palin household, Dunn is lacking it.


Calypso Dreams said...

I don't know what type of crystal meth you're on, but this has got to be the biggest distortion of anything I've ever written in my life. But let me just make two points and then you can go oil up your shotgun: 1) In the Fox interview with Bristol, the Governor comes in and AGREES with her daughter about abstinence. There's your 'Mommy Dearest' moment.I don't make this stuff up. 2) I just saw the Ann Coulter interview where she says that Bristol should put her child "UP FOR ADOPTION." Where's the Governor's response to THAT? Where's your response to THAT? Dude, the silence is deafening. I have three beautiful children so I certainly don't need anymore. Stay on the road with that new truck of yours. I don't think you can handle the off-the-road terrain.

Lawntawndra Jankins said...

I am so tired ah hearin bout Bristol out a wedlock youngun. Wheres the shotgun? Sara was knocked up when she married the first dude. Both Sara and Palin suffer from uncontrollable horniness..and you dont know what thats like unless you have it. If u got three kids U been stayin busy yoself. Evabodys gettin knocked up anyway Bitsy from The View is that bald headed husband so she says.

Tom said...

The mommy dearest moment is between Dunn trying to gin up between Palin and Bristol.

I know some people like Dunn have a real problem with logic.

Second, so what on what Ann Coulter says. Does the governor have to respond to everyone who has an opinion?

Hell no.

The silence was with Dunn when the issue was so important back the first time.

Why Dunn's silence if it's such an important issue with you?

It wasn't until Bristol came out with a statement that contradicted the abstinence issue with Palin, that Dunn saw an opportunity.

From the interview:

Ms Palin also said it bothered her to hear that many people thought her mother was making her have the baby, when it was her own choice.

Sarah Palin also appeared in the interview, recorded in Fairbanks, Alaska.

She said she was proud of her daughter, ''Wanting to take on an advocacy role and, you know, just let other girls know that this is it's not the most ideal situation, but certainly, make the most of it.

''And Bristol is a strong and bold young woman and she is an amazing mom. And this little baby is very lucky to have her as a mama. He's going to be just fine.''

You are saying Palin agreed with her daughter on the issue. Not completely. She's her mother and is acting like one.

Like I said in the thread when it comes to Dunn writing; silence is golden.

Anonymous said...

Marc Maron's thoughtful analysis on the Bristol Palin interview conducted by FOX News: