Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alaska's Exports Values Drop: A Primer for Palin on the Baltics (Continued)

On a couple previous threads I talked about how Palin should send an invite to the leaders of the Baltics and establish trade with them.

In today's ADN we see that exports have dropped.

The top export is seafood. Last year the state exported $1.8 billion in seafood, down 9 percent. Europe is a growing market for Alaska seafood. Ten years ago Europe got less than 5 percent of the exports. Last year it got about 25 percent, the state said.

To fill the void, Palin should seriously send an invite to the leaders of the Baltics and work on trade. As I said before, Riga is centralized to the Baltics and has infrastructure to accommodate the trade.

Seafood and one industry in Alaska that could grow with trade with the Baltics is the good ole' brewing business.

Latvians love their beer as do the rest of people of the Baltics.

And Alaska makes some of the best Ale that can be found here.

Remember the old Mat Maid building on Benson? How hard would it be for an entrepreneur to convert that building from making milk to beer if the market was big enough.

The good Governor needs to think Baltics when it comes to expanding trade.

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