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Callin Out The Lies Made On Palin and Who Are the Real Bigots? The Left Like Maddow, Huffington and Maher.

There is the saying, never let them forget. That is precisely the reason for this thread.

The topic? The Alaskan Independence Party and what it stands for and who are its members.

During the presidential campaign, stories came out that Palin was a member to the Alaskan Independence Party. That lie was told in a political ad attacking Palin.

The facts: Palin And The AIP: Update

While I was out this afternoon, the McCain campaign released records showing that Sarah Palin was not registered as a member of the Alaska Independence Party, though TPM Muckraker found that her husband was.

She wasn't. Was the information vetted by the press? No. It was a lie because it was based on a falsehood.

The whole purpose of the left putting out this ad, was to counter Palin's attack on Obama palling around with Bill Ayers. Did Bill Ayers and Obama hang out? Yes....

In the video clips below, it should become very apparent that the left in the media have no sound basis for their comparison. And what should interest Americans is; such idiocy finds its way into public discourse without any concern of embarrassment on the part of those speaking it.

Even MSNBC's Maddow got into the act.

Trying to show a link between Obama palling around with Bill Ayers and Palin palling around with members with the AIP, is far-fetched and just plain dumb.

First, many of the members are Alaskan Natives with one Alaskan Native, Carl Moses being a former AIP member elected to the legislature.

They aren't going around screaming screw the federal government.

In fact, if history is correct on President Van Buren being one of the founders of the Democrat Party of today, then one should ask about Van Buren's policies on Native Americans or Jackson's policies on Native Americans.

Maybe Alaskan Natives have a valid reason to be part of the party. History of the Democrat Party and their founders is not on their side.

Should people point to Carl Moses who left the AIP to become a Democrat and say; he is palling around with founders of a party that cheated people of American Native heritage?

And what about Vogler, the founder of the party? I got a chuckle of of this blogger's commentary on the Volger issue when you consider Vogler was dead before Palin was "palling around" with the AIP members..

Todd Palin joined the AIP soon after Volger's death.

There is certainly a pattern among the left and their lack of an ability to sort apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Never mind that Obama spent years with the god damning American pastor, Rev Wright and Bill Ayers who are living today. That's nothing, it's okay with them.

Bill Maher on the topic:

Bill, doesn't get it either. And as I wrote about earlier. The Huffington Post and one of its bloggers, John Ridley doesn't get it.

But first to an irony coming from the Huffington Post.

Dennis Perrin: I don't know if shocking is the word. I was pre-conditioned to not being surprised by it. I knew a lot about the Democratic Party history in the 20th century. But when I read about the 19th century Democrats, I only knew so much about them. When you go beyond Andrew Jackson and the "Trail of Tears," you find the Democrats were the leading American Indian killers of the 19th century. It began as a war party. It hasn't changed. Later on there were anti-war and social justice movements that came up through the Democratic Party, or at least were co-opted by them, but that never defined the party itself. The party began in war and is still very much involved in war.

Let's all say along in unison, "The Democrat Party founders led the Indian Killers".

Does this mean Obama and the rest of the left are palling around with Indian Killers? Maybe, the way the left talks about the members of the AIP, history may repeat itself....

The case of the Seminoles constitutes at present the only exception to the successful efforts of the Government to remove the Indians to the homes assigned them west of the Mississippi.
Martin Van Buren

And what kind of family values are represented when one's spouse quietly belongs to an anti-American secessionist organization to which you send a taped video welcome to their convention wishing them all the best?
John Ridley, March 13, 2009

Don't know John, but you might want to ask what kind of family values the few thousand Alaskan Natives have that belong to the party. And you know, Todd Palin is part Alaskan Native.

What is really funny is here in Alaska, you have bloggers thinking they are not that stupid, but they are just stuck on being stupid.

You see with the left, it's about using people to destroy the character of other people.

Here in Alaska, the so-called progressive/leftist (Kodiak Konfidential) bloggers attacked Palin while calling the AIP members (which has a large membership of Alaskan Natives who live on the western coast) wing nuts ("Don't even get me started on the wing nuts in the AIP and ... whatever others are out there).

While pointing to Emmonak's Nick Tucker.

910 EMMONAK District 39 414 Total 50 AIP 130 Democrats 2 Libertarians 44 Republicans 44 Non_Partisan 143 Undeclared.

Folks, that is 50 registered AIP members. That is 6 more than Republicans, 6 more than Non_Partisan.....

How many bets that Nick Tucker has a relative that is registered as an AIP member.

Yes indeed, the left are bigots.....

For the rest of the story.....

Figures released by the Alaska Division of Elections in July of 1998 show that the AIP has 17,639 registered voters, approximately 4% of the total. This represents more than a quadrupling since 1990, when the Party had just 4,086 members. The strongest areas of AIP registration are located in the rural northwestern and western regions, around such cities as Barrow, Bethel and Nome. In some of these remote districts, the AIP has as many as 10% of the registered voters.

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