Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exclusive: Because of Ashley Judd's Actions Towards Palin's Wolf Kill Policy, Moose are Seeking Medical Help (Update Video: End the Senseless Killing)

Because of Ashley Judd's commercial on Palin and wolf killing, there has been an epidemic of moose with nervous breakdowns and wolf bites trying to get medical help.

The poor moose. It seems that she can't get any help because of Obama's stimulus plan and proposed universal health care system..

Update: It's time to end the senseless killing, moose aren't covered under Obama's universal health care.


Clay Bowler said...

I was at Palins rally at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO last October. Before they announced Palin, they announced Naomi Judd. The crowd went from excitement to a dead silience. In my head, I was thinking now which Judd hates Palin. Naomi gave a great introduction, but I felt bad for her introduction.

Anonymous said...

The left does not understand population control and why this is being done.

If one species,more over preditors,become to dominate in an area,they will desimate all other wild life.

It is the same reasoning behind coyote hunts or prairdog hunting. To control the population.