Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a Kwazy Life Poll: Did Palin Violate the Ethics Law by Wearing an Arctic Cat Jacket? (Update: AOL: Democrat Wanting Palin to Take It All Off )

Wait what is that on the side of those Arctic Cat machines from 2008? Is that a National Guard logo? Where was the outrage then?

I wonder if Todd got something for that advertisement....

Fagan is being a dumbass on the topic as usual, at the Alaska Standard..

Update: H/T C4p

Megyn Kelly on the Ethics Complaint


Alaska Democrat Wants Sarah Palin to Take it All Off

Palin responds in the ADN article, but let me save some time:This is weak frakkin' sauce if I've ever tasted it, and it only serves to marginalize legitimate opposition to Sarah Palin.

She's on the clock 24/7, so is she supposed to cut the logos off of all of her clothes, and walk around wearing what amounts to a glorified doily?

There are lots of good reasons to oppose Sarah Palin on the substance. Complaints like this serve only to help her lump all criticism into this wingnut category.

You know its getting bad when the wingnuts are killing their own wingnuts.


Piper, Todd, Sarah and National Guard Members

Greta and Alaska National Guard Members

Update: This should make the PDS'ers flip out...From the Alaska National Guard website


Anonymous said...

The left is taking its tips from the ATF with "think forfeiture" when it comes to Palin. They believe if she is bogged down with costly lawsuits,she will not able to run in 2010 or 2012.

However,they would be wrong to believe this. For Gov. Palin has many friends, of which I count myself as one and would donate to any defense fund.

midnightcajun said...

I guess you missed the part about Arctic Cat paying Palin's family over $30,000 in goods and servicies for their endorsement? The point isn't that she was wearing random logos; it's wearing logos of a company that's slipping you $$$$$ that's unethical, and ILLEGAL behavior by a public servant. If a Democrat had done this, you'd be howling. I bet you think Nixon didn't do anything wrong in Watergate, either. Also. You betcha.

Piney said...

Seems to me they have claimed past years payments from Arctic Cat, and of course it isn't April 15th yet.

Sarah has more than a 'lot' of friends to assist with any legal fund she may set up.

Don't hold your breath waiting for her to go down for the count, I'm sure blue isn't your best color!