Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life Imitating Art: Mike "Snoops" Doogan gets his Blogger (Update)

The buzz on the blogs is how Mike "snoops" Doogan got his blogger.

First, Doogan is an old hand at the gumshoe footwork.

There was Lost Angel, Capital Offense and Skeleton Lake. The question is; will there be a future Nik Kane novel titled Mudflats?

Doogan writes:

The identity of the person who writes the liberal Democratic Mudflats blog has been secret since the blog began, protected by the Anchorage Daily News,among others. My own theory about the public process is you can say what you want, as long as you are willing to stand behind it using your real name. So I was interested to learn that the woman who writes the blog is Anchorage resident Jeanne Devon.

(cue sound of screams)

How is the stuck on stupid statements blogger feeling since she has been caught red handed by the gumshoe Doogan?

(cue a string of violins)

As I sit here writing, there is a strange mixture of wind, snow and volcanic ash swirling around outside my windows. It’s tempting to yell, “The sky is falling!” and at times it has felt that way. If you had told me last week that a State Legislator would send me a threatening email telling me he was going to out me, and reveal my real identity on his official legislative newsletter, I’d have thought to myself, “Never in a million years would someone be so foolhardy.” But once again I have overestimated the common sense of Rep. Mike Doogan. And here we are.

I have to admit this has taken a bit of getting used to. I’m not one to crave the spotlight, and I generally enjoy my boring little life. So, I’m needing a little time to regroup. Thank you all for the understanding, and indulging this naturally private and introverted blogger who normally posts pretty frequently. Public figures choose a public life. Private citizens don’t necessarily choose that. The possibility is always there for a pseudonymous blogger to become public, but we’d like to think that this would be at the time and in the manner of that person’s choosing….without the unwanted help of a State Representative, who is, after all, supposed to be working for us.

Sorry Jeanne, you ain't a private citizen when you are publicly slinging mud and getting press for it.

Moreover, it would be interesting to hear you call in and voice your opinion to legislators and when they say state your name, the word Mudflats comes over the speaker. Or when you write a letter to the editor, try using Mudflats.

Save your story for a future story in Marvel comics on masked hero bloggers that come to save the day for Obama.

Did Doogan do the right thing? You betcha... When people start throwing mud like this blogger has done and then hides behind an anonymous name, this shows the true character of the person.

When Palin talked about the issue of anonymous bloggers, who was out there biting at her heels? Anonymous bloggers like Mudflats. Now that she has been "outed" by Doogan, she will have her real name standing behind her stupid statements.

She has nothing to fear but fear of putting out lies, rumors and stupid statements.

Update: After reading some of the commentary on the Alaska Dispatch on first amendment rights, dissent and tyranny.

Save it, this blogger could argue, Mudflats abused that right by throwing B.S. that was false, done with malicious intent and was enabled by the press.

When lies are allowed to be published in the press as truth, anarchy takes hold and tyranny exists within that right.

Limitation is the essence of liberty, for as soon as liberty is complete, it dies in anarchy.
Will Durant (1885-1981)


iac said...

"The sky is falling.... for this naturally private and introverted blogger." I wonder if it has ever crossed this person's mind what it must have been like for the Palin family throughout the months in which Governor Palin has been the subject of sustained personal attack. Would a naturally private and introverted person ever reflect on or weigh in the balance the potential impact of her printed words on others before publication? Would a naturally private and introverted person relish attacking others in quite the way that has occurred.

Tom said...


"...Would a naturally private and introverted person ever reflect on or weigh in the balance the potential impact of her printed words on others before publication?"

Exactly....They would not even think about printing their words publicly unless there are emotional issues with the person.

Anonymous said...

Ccome, come now. Using the legislature to disburse this is something altogether different. In Alaska, we're a small town, you can barely speak about Palin in public.

The blog encompasses all of state politics here and our press has to dance around to report as it is.. I don't see most people signing their names publicly on open opinion boards, in fact it is rare. In the state of Alaska you would know everyone who responds, it's just that kind of place.

Palin's been screwing with us since the election, the republicans even hate her here now.

Anonymous said...

You don't lose your 1st amendment rights to publish privately just because you're a popular honest critic.

If there's liable then get a subpoena; otherwise read a different blog.

Honest conservatives support 1st amendment rights.

Tom said...

Anon 1, comments sections are different than being published by the press.

And save it on Palin, Halcro and Fagan haven't been shackeled and chained and thrown in jail.

Anon 2, politicians have the 1st amendment rights to name names and speak their peace.

Evidently, Mudflats spoke too much for being an introvert.

Anonymous said...

What exactly has Mudflats written that was false?

It's all verifiable info as far as i can see....

Can you back up your BS with facts like Mudflats does?

Anonymous said...

I knew you couldn't back up your BS with actual facts (like Mudflats does.

This is exactly why Palin will fail spectacularly when she tries to step out into the national stage.

No Substance. No truth.

have a great life and thanks for proving me right!