Sunday, March 01, 2009

More Manure Thrown at Palin From the Gaborington Post: CPAC Straw Poll

Come on, where in the hell does Zsa Zsa Arianna Gaborington get the farm-hands like Sam Stein, that write the manure for her web-site.

First, it's pretty obvious; the throwing of the manure starts off with a photo of Romney with what some could describe as a "sh*t eating grin" and Palin with the look of a whiner.

That should tell the reader what the agenda of the writer is since the photos have nothing to do with the CPAC poll. One could also point to the fact that Romney won the damn thing three times and where is he today?

Next is the article itself.

In the first strong indication of where conservative hearts lie for the 2012 presidential race, Mitt Romney won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll on Saturday, earning the backing of 20 percent of the crowd. It was his former Massachusetts Governor's third straight win and followed a well-received speech to the CPAC crowd just one day earlier.

The results of the CPAC Straw Poll provide a small, albeit interesting window into the affections and leanings of the conservative movement.

Again, how many times has Romney won the Republican primary?

For the Alaska Governor, the belle of the conservative movement in the '08 election, the results aren't the best of news. Her non-appearance at CPAC, however, may have contributed to the tied-for-third-place finish.

The results aren't the best news? For who? and Why not?

For the last time, Romney won three times and lost in the primaries.

The idiot even acknowledges that.

In 2007, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney etched out a win over former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani by a margin of 21 percent to 17 percent. Sen. John McCain, who wound up winning the nomination, came in fifth with 12 percent of the vote. In 2008, Romney won again, narrowly beating John McCain, 35 percent to 34 percent, even though Romney had officially dropped out of the race a few days before the poll was released.

Moreover, the fact that Ron Paul scored so high in the straw poll, that should tell you something. Even when he said he most likely would not run in 2012.

And it is common knowledge that Palin is considered the front runner in national polling, so the article is more of Zsa Zsa Arianna having her farm-hands throwing manure at Palin.

And last but not least, Zsa Zsa Arianna posted some poll that shows the public wants Obama to stick by his policies..

Meanwhile, Rasmussen is starting to show the big decline in approval ratings for Obama.

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