Monday, March 02, 2009

The Palin Rape Kit Story Revival: Police Function or Medical Care

A rehash of the story on Palin and funding of the rape kit for Wasilla is here.

One of the arguments is whether or not the kit was considered medical care or a function of the police department for investigative purposes.

PDS has a way of infiltrating arguments, thus logic gets destroyed.

Here is an example.

people speak as authorities and usually have an extremely limited fund of knowledge…its a typical left wing tactic also..

Well, I’m going to beg the indulgence of the good people here to go a bit off-topic and tell you, at some length, about rape kits.

I have a rape kit right here. Let’s look at it…

The first thing I notice is that its official name, printed right on the cover of the box, is “Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit.” Hmmm… nothing there about patient care or treatment. “Evidence Collection” sounds more like a police function. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside.

Hmmm. A number of paper bags and some instruction sheets. No bandages, no sutures, no antibiotics….

The poster James Macdonald (who admits moderating the McClatchy website) is trying to lay out the kit as an investigative collection kit.

However, in his attempt to do so, the truth comes out.

Step fifteen: Emergency Pregnancy Prevention. “Fill out all information requested on form. Give one copy to patient. Retain one copy for hospital records.” Yes, part of the rape kit is offering the so-called “morning after pill.” That’s contraception! We can’t have taxpayers paying for contraception! Contraception is wrong!

Contraception has nothing to do with evidence collection. There are agencies outside of the police department that offer the contraceptive so why have it in a rape kit that is for evidence collection?

Moreover, I want to know who pays for a rape kit when you have women staging a rape?

A woman police say lied about being raped by a Fort Richardson soldier in January is now accused of staging a phony kidnapping.


Dash RIPROCK III said...

The left is afraid of Palin. They should be. She will take the 2012 election.

Nice Blog. Here is a cartoon you might enjoy.

Scroll down to the bottom of the front page.


Anonymous said...

Yes,they are afraid of her,thus the slandering and sexism. Just like the racism against Jindall which is rising from the left as well.

And here I thought it was us conservative who were the sexist and racist. Huh, funny that.

Dash RIPROCK III said...

I agree with you conservative scalawag. If you haven't noticed. The left doesn't think conservative women or minorities are really women or minorities.

When Sandra Day O'Conner was appointed to the surpreme court nobody cared. Ditto for Clarence Thomas. You might have noticed Steele heading the Repubican Party is no big deal either. Turncoat Colin Powell didn't become popular with the left stream media until he backed Barack Obama for President.