Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Talking About Palin: Shannyn Moore is Having a Bad Hair Day On MSNBC

Shannyn, next time you get interviewed by the dumbass Olbermann, get hair tips from him.

Olbermann forgot, Palin has staff that talk to the committees in hearings. He must have been busy looking for fruit flies in his olives.

Olbermann, did you ask Shannyn if she took the check that Palin got for her? Didn't think so.

And what is Fagan doing scouring the net and posting videos from whacked out Cheney conspiracy websites on the Alaska Standard to make a point against Palin?

Fagan do yourself a favor, take care of the family and quit blogging. You are being an ass.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how clever Olberman thinks he is, his in-the-toliet ratings speak for themselves. When MSNBC decided to go for the loony left audience, they permenantly marginalized themselves.