Sunday, March 15, 2009

When It Comes To Palin: Dan Fagan is Becoming a Dumbass Populist Radio Host

Dan Fagan has another rant about Palin being a populist.

In those famous words Fagan uses when it comes to describing politicians like Murkowski. Dan you are becoming a dumbass and talk about turning on a dime.

What was it that he said about Murkowski and his jingle commercial? What was it Dan said about Murkowsi on the pipeline? When it comes to turning on issues, Dan is the king of the populist radio hosts.

Fagan will go soft on Begich and has at times called him conservative because he likes him. He will go soft on Carol Comeau when she says life isn't fair and calls her a conservative. Even though Carol is all about making things fair such as all of the schools.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I even think Fagan even said he voted for Ethan Berkowitz, a candidate who is pro-choice. Is Dan going to say he voted for Ethan because he was such a staunch conservative or just because he likes him?

When it comes to pols like Mike Doogan who is a populist type politician, voted for AGIA and stands for just about everything Fagan is against, Fagan likes the guy and is soft on him.

Fagan you are a joke to the conservative movement because you are a "Fagan populist" at heart and your own words and the way you conduct your radio show proves it.

Fagan states: There are downsides to being a populist politician. They typically rise to popularity very quickly but have trouble maintaining it.

Same holds true for radio hosts and that is why Fagan's popularity has been in decline. People are seeing him for what he has become. A dumbass.

Yes Dan, "Fagan populists" are a slippery bunch and you take the cake.

The only saving grace for the Alaska Standard right now is the other writers.

As for Fagan talking about Palin.

Fagan keeps bringing up this story about Palin and being biased towards Wasilla.

While running for governor, a populist could get caught on tape telling a hometown Chamber of Commerce crowd, "Some in Juneau fear I will be biased toward the Valley; well, so be it: I will be." Then that same populist could explain it away by claiming it was meant as opposed to being biased toward the Lower 48.

There is a story behind this in that I wrote Dan an e-mail when he was talking about this. He read it on the show and in it I referred to then, Sharon Leighow (who was his co-host/producer) as Fagan's voice of reason on the topic. The reason for pointing to Leighow was she thought of giving Palin the benefit of the doubt.

History has proven me right on the voice of reason, Leighow eventually went to work for Palin.

What we know is Palin has a history of protecting Wasilla and supporting methane gas drilling in the valley. However, Outside environmentalist interests went on a full frontal attack and began driving a wedge in two political factions.

What eventually won, was what happened with Randy Ruedrich. That was the beginning of Palin's ascent in politics.

Such antigovernment attitudes helped launch Palin’s political career as a “hard-core conservative” who resisted controls on business.

“Zoning, you used to be not even able to say the word,” says Michelle Church, former director of a local land-use planning group and now a borough assembly member from Palmer. During Palin’s time as mayor, the very idea caused opponents to pack public meetings, she says. “Every time someone would go up and speak in favor [of zoning], these guys would yell, ‘Lock and load!’ ”

But a local revolt broke out about five years ago over proposed coal bed methane drilling in residential and recreational areas of the borough, signaling a shift in public attitudes.

Opposition to the plan, pushed by Colorado-based Evergreen Resources Inc., united right-wing property-rights advocates and left-wing environmentalists. Both factions worried about noisy machinery, truck traffic, and water pollution. Palin, who by that time was a rising Republican star with a plum job on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, turned whistle-blower on fellow commissioner Randy Ruedrich, also the state GOP chairman. She charged, in part, that he’d used his post to advocate for Evergreen Resources’ coal bed methane drilling.

Mr. Ruedrich was forced to resign in late 2003 from the conservation commission – which was supposed to regulate coal bed methane development in Mat-Su Borough – and later paid a $12,000 fine for misusing his office. Evergreen Resources was sold in 2004 to Pioneer Natural Resources, which dropped the coal bed plans.

What was Palin's position on coal-bed methane development? As Mayor, she supported legislation that would have aided the process of drilling for coal-bed methane. Some on the left have tried to show a hypocrisy with Palin on the matter. But there was none.

What about coal-bed methane? Drilling has cleared the hurdles and is now being done with the support of many in the valley.

Next Fagan brings up Judge Morgan Christen:

A populist could tell a crowd at a right-to-life banquet he or she will fight for their cause and then, to avoid a battle with the liberal media, appoint a former board member of Planned Parenthood to the Alaska Supreme Court, killing any parental consent legislation.

In Dan's world, the Alaska Constitution has no meaning.... She had two choices. Evil and Evil...

As for the rest of Dan's rant, it's meaningless when you consider how Dan has been and acted with candidates who are more "liberal" than Palin.

Dan when you voted for a pro-choice candidate like Ethan Berkowitz because you like him, you are in no position to criticize Palin for picking from a list she had to pick from.

Nowhere in the Alaska Constitution did it say you had to vote for Berkowitz.

In those great words that you used to describe Murkowski, Dan you are truly a dumbass.


AirmanMom said...

My momma always sais, A Dumbass is, what a Dumbass does! Thanks, Mom!

Tom said...

Hear! Hear!

Piney said...

DF has a pimple on his backside when it comes to Sarah. In my reply to his ADN commentary, I mistakenly said he (DF) lost to Sarah and Tony, *cough* when it was Halcro who ran as an Independent. My bad. Or, are they similar in snarkiness?

iac said...

Piney, didn't Fagan recently describe Halcro as "a class act"? What more needs to be said about the credibility of his judgments!

Fagan's exploitation of his situation at AS insults all who visit the site. Neither truthful nor consistent! His cheap material excites the likes of Whitstine and McCleod into personal attack on Governor Palin on a regular basis, and the mods at AS (presumably Fagan himself) never take responsibility for curbing that sort of derangement.