Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Senator Chris Dodd FAIL on AIG? Will the NE State Become RED

Dodd says he's pressing to keep seat

The Senate Banking Committee chairman has attracted a top-tier challenger in former Rep. Rob Simmons (R-Conn.), who has taken shots at Dodd for his ties to AIG. A Quinnipiac poll released earlier this month showed Simmons with a small, 43-42 percent lead over Dodd.

68% Say Bailout Money Is Going To Those Who Caused The Economic Crisis

Of course. Ask Senator Dodd about that one....

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hrh said...

Oh, I'm hoping Dodd is finally out. I'm in CT and he has been our senator for my whole adult life!!! It has been time for him to go for at least a decade.

Rob Simmons is pretty moderate, but he he has a military background, worked for the CIA, I believe. He has a history of unseating long-time incumbents; he beat Rep Sam Gejdensen in 2000, who had been in DC for 20 years. And only lost to Courtney by about 500 votes.

Most recently he was Repub Gov. Rell's business liaison until the Dem legislature eliminated the position.

He's probably a social moderate but I think a fiscal and defense conservative.

There was some noise that Larry Kudlow might run, but I doubt he'd have a shot against Simmons.

'Course, I think it'd be neat if your Gov campaigned for Simmons, but I don't think he gibes with her creds.

Still, for CT, he's about as conservative as we're likely to get ...