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Alaska's North Korean Missile Crisis: Governor Palin, It's Time to Smack Down Obama's Policies (Update Rasmussen Poll on Military Response by U.S.)

First this: The Plot Thickens: Kodiak Missile Defense System Shafted

Notwithstanding Palin's request, the Kodiak Missile Launch Complex is getting zero in stimulus money, the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation President Dale Nash told the Kodiak Assembly last Thursday night. It is asking for $7 million from the state though. Read the Kodiak Daily Mirror's story here. In the same story you'll find a sweet official apology from the borough concerning the last meeting to "citizens who testified and sat for four hours on a stormy night, only to find that Stratman’s request was a moot point.” No word what Stratman's request was, though we do know that it happened on a dark and stormy night. Let's hope that it didn't involve missiles, or any other kind of shaft.

And this: Budget Clouds Hover Over U.S. Programs

Depending on your point of view, the $10.5 billion U.S. missile defense program is either about to be crippled by massive budget cuts, or forced to curtail years of wasteful spending on systems that too often don't work.


Among the rock throwers: Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., heaved a brick in January when he said he would "love to see" cuts to the program. Levin is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif., took narrower aim in February, saying that the United States is "over-invested" in the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system. That's the system of missile interceptors that former President George W. Bush ordered installed in silos in California and Alaska to counter long-range missiles from North Korea.

Here is a video of an idiot talking about Fox News and the missile threat. I put Alaska's crisis because the liberal view is Alaska may not be part of the U.S because people may not know where Alaska is on a map.

We know what the ROCKET SCIENTIST Obama is saying. What did our delegation from Washington D.C. have to say?

Alaska congressional delegation condemns North Korea missile launch

“In addition to the security implications of North Korea’s move, it is tragic that in a country where there are chronic economic problems, precious resources needed for investment and civilian consumption are consistently diverted to fund military expansion,” Murkowski's release said.

What does she mean "precious resources needed for investment and civilian consumption are consistently diverted to fund military expansion"?

And then you have the inept Senator Begich.

"It’s clear North Korea has no intention of observing U.N. Security Council resolution 1718, which prohibits North Korea from conducting ballistic missile-related activities of any kind," Sen. Mark Begich said in a separate statement. "I appreciate the swift reaction from the U.S. government and look forward hearing the results of today’s emergency meeting at the United Nations."

Next time, just try to shoot the damn thing down. What better way to test a system.

Okay governor, what say you on Obama's policy of cutting the monies from the Kodiak facility.

Update: I am addressing Senator Murkowski's comments on North Korea here. Her statements on North Korea are very weak and quite frankly, don't address the real problem and that is the support coming from Iran, China and Russia.

If it wasn't for these three countries, North Korea would not be what it is today. North Korea is a proxy to the three countries.

First Iran: Iran missile experts in North Korea 'to help with rocket launch'

Iran Admits North Korean Missile Purchases

Iran has been working with North Korea for years

Iran is buying the technology from North Korea.

Then you have this: China, North Korea, And Russia Work Together To Manipulate American Economy

In one exhibit we played a video recording of an undercover meeting I had with one of Liu's co-conspirators, Chao Tung Wu. Wu, believing me to be a criminal confederate, said on camera the money was manufactured in North Korea and distributed through the Russian embassy in Beijing. Expressing fears this might be some kind of "rip," Wu suggested I travel with him to China and sit outside the embassy as he made the purchase. But even that tape failed to garner national media interest.

Balbina Hwang of the Heritage Foundation believes the North Koreans produce about $250 million of the Supernotes per year. Various other investigations claim anywhere from $45 million to $1 billion in Supernotes are in circulation. Your guess is as good as mine. Since the flaws are invisible to the naked eye we have no idea what we may be holding in our wallets.

North Korean Counterfeiting of U.S. Currency

More Questions about the U.N. in North Korea

Sorry Senator Murkowski, you are going to have to get tougher than that. It's Iran, China and Russia who you should be addressing.

As I said before, next time North Korea launches a rocket, we test our system by trying to shoot it down. And if successful, we can thank the North Koreans for participating.

Update: 57% Want Military Response to North Korea Missile Launch

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