Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Andrew Malcom of the L.A. Times Must be Kidding

In response to a video that was published on-line, Andrew Malcom had this headline: New video shows less friendly encounter between Obama and Chavez

No smiles in this exchange. In fact, Obama at first appears eager to walk away and is held back by Chavez. The American president then dominates the ongoing discussion and is seen gesturing with his right hand and pointing his finger several times at Chavez's chest.

I posted the video here and said that the two could not see eye to eye with Chavez staring Obama down. It is clear that Chavez even the bad guy he is, can stare down our president who avoided continuous eye contact with Chavez.

And contrary to Andrew Malcom's fantasy on who was dominating the conversation, Obama clearly showed signs of having a weak personality.

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