Friday, April 17, 2009

Газпром: солнце мира, Чем дольше Вы остаетесь дома, это - компания, тем больше Вы сожжены

New[ name ]Thu Apr 16
05:44:23 PM direct access none Go (1) Russian Federation, Sakhalin
(Ul'yanovsk) Sakhalin Telecom network

Владимир Путин держит ваш хвост как оружие и притворяется, что никто не наблюдает, затем стрелять ваших товарищей в заднюю часть.

Поскольку это был ваш путь начиная с падения Германии во Второй Мировой Войне.


Anonymous said...

"Gazprom: the sun of peace, the longer you remain house, this - company, the more you are burnt New [of name] Of thu Of apr 16 the 05:44: 23 PM of direct of access of none Go (1) Russian Of federation, Sakhalin (Ul' yanovsk) Sakhalin Of telecom of network Vladimir Putin holds your tail as weapon and is shut, that no one observes, then to shoot your comrades at the tail end. Since this it was your way beginning from a drop in Germany in the Second World War."

Babelfish doesn't do a very good job of translating.


Anonymous said...

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Tom said...

Basic translation: Gazprom is the sun of the world. The longer you stay uner their light, the more burnt you become.

Putin hold your tail like a gun then shoot your comrades in the back.

Since that was the way the Russians (government) acted after WWII.