Monday, April 27, 2009

Dan Fagan is a Day Late and $3.5 Trillion Short on Begich

There should be no doubt that Dan Fagan is at times a dumbass when it comes to politics.

In his latest screed Mr. Begich we are counting on you" that was published on the ADN and now on the Alaska Standard, Dan's own words mean something.

And his words mean he doesn't have a clue about Begich.

It is a well known fact now that Fagan has been soft on the liberal Begich and hard on Palin who is conservative on many issues. But Fagan just can't seem to be logical in his writings or his rants on his radio show.

Hell, the swine flu epidemic can't match the Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) epidemic that has taken hold and infected millions of people like Fagan.

But back to Fagan and Begich.

The money quote from Fagan.

Remember when Mr. Begich was running he told us we should vote for him because, unlike Sen. Stevens, he would have a seat at the table. His team is in charge and being on the inside, he could stop some of the anti-development policies Democrats are so famous for. Well if ever Mr. Begich is going to live up to that promise, it would be when he votes on the president's $3.5 trillion budget.

As Congress takes up debating the $3.5 trillion budget with health care reform, Fagan thinks Begich will somehow vote against the bill, thus stopping the bill?

If history is any lesson for Fagan, he should look back to April 2nd, 2009 when Begich voted yea on the $3.5 trillion budget for 2010.

Unfortunately, there are many fine conservative writers on the Alaska Standard, like Logan, Wood, Gimarc, but Fagan's attitude and logic compromise the integrity of the endeavor, so I, like many people are starting to tune Fagan out and read less of what he writes.

And when his articles are read, nine times out of ten, it is to critique what he has written.

Fagan's hope that Begich will do the right thing, will follow Fagan's lofty goal and hope of raising the banner in journalism.

If there is to be any counting on Begich, it's counting the numbers in the increase in spending and counting on anything else is just pie in the sky.

For me and many other true conservatives, there is one sure thing and that is, we are counting on Begich to vote yea on increasing the debt to our children.


Kelly B. said...

Yeah, Dan is a dumbass when it comes to politics.... he told his listeners to vote for Sarah Palin for governor! WHAT A DUMBASS!

Tom said...

Kelly B, PDS gotcha down too?