Thursday, April 30, 2009

In About Two Weeks a Major Development Will Occur in Mexico With Regard to the Flu Bug

I have a friend who lives in Mexico and there is a story going around among people within the local police in Mexico, that a major announcement will be made in about two weeks with regard to the flu bug.

I will put my neck out on this and say will instead of maybe that something will occur. My friend couldn't tell what was for sure other than the police said a major announcement was going to be made.

As an aside, remember the Mexican beauty queen that was caught with the guns? She was freed.

The Catholic Church in Mexico fears the cartel and so does the government.

I believe at this point that miraculously a vaccine will be reported to have been made or is close to being made and a truce will be made behind the scene with the cartels.


Bungalow Bill said...

Do you remember the report the government released that said they expect the Mexican government to fall? It appears we may be aiding in that, considering our policies and the way we are scaring people with this flu.

Tom said...

BB, fear can have a big effect. It shut down Mexico for five days.