Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McCain's Rhetoric Grows as Simcox Files to Run Against McCain

McCain Slams "Cap And Tax" Energy Plan

Two key points, McCains softening on "cap and trade" and his strong stance to put out there the development of nuclear power plants.

He is now taking a strong stance on legislation against the cap and trade when it now seems that he is going to have to start to act like a Republican.

McCain’s comments came as fellow Republicans urged the Democratic-run committee to hold off on hearings, arguing that legislation is not ready yet. In addition, it was reported that McCain will face a primary challenge in his bid for re-election next year in the person of Chris Simcox, former head of the Minuteman anti-illegal immigration group.


CruelaDev said...

MAC needs to go...too much love for the his buddies on the left!

Tom said...

Yes indeed, he needs to go..