Saturday, April 18, 2009

More on Submarine Tankers

I have previously posted onthis site, asking the question what happened to the idea of submarine tankers.

Here is a rehash on the post with General Dynamics but is discussed on a Russian designer site.

The idea of submarine cargo vessels able to transfer different, including liquid, cargoes under the ice of the Arctic Ocean irrespective of weather conditions has captured the minds of scientists and engineers long ago.

A number of projects and programs were developed recently including the project of American company General Dynamics of a submarine tanker for liquefied gas transportation from Arctic, five-year program of Canadian Government of creation of submarine-surface vessels for oil, gas and other mineral resources transportation, etc.


Therefore, it was not by chance that RAO “Norilsk Nickel” addressed CDB ME “Rubin” with a proposal to create a transportation system for products of “Norilsk Nickel” on the basis of potential abilities of decommissioned nuclear submarines as an alternative to the existing transportation system based on the ice-breaker fleet.

It is proposed to create a transportation submarine intended for regular export of products of the “Norilsk Nickel” integrated works and delivery of consumables required for the production process irrespective of ice conditions on the basis of re-equipment of a heavy nuclear submarine cruiser of Project 941 (“Typhoon”), decommissioned from the Russian Navy.

The Department of Transportation on the topic:


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