Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NEW CONTRIBUTORS! and Live Blogging!

Hello to all Kwazy Lifers, my name is El General and I'm the pinch hitting for Tom tonight. He couldn't make it because of some silly obligation called work (where do his priorities lie...?).

So I'm pleased to inform you that The Fixed Pie blog (my blog) will be putting on our second live-feed blog event via twitter! Our last live-feed took place during the Lincoln Day Dinner in Anchorage (Keynote speaker- Sarah Palin) and was a huge success.

The Scoop

-The Alaska Young Republicans are hosting a meeting Downtown at Platinum Jaxx Bar and Grill tonight, the 1st of April.

-The event will be live blogged via my blogging partner Jasonthealaskan. You can check out our blog which will contain a twitter feed on the right side of the page, or just check out his twitter page.

-They will be discussing issues concerning Alaska, including but not limited to, Ted Steven, Mark Begich and of course Sarah Palin.

-Stop by and grab some food or a drink!

We at the Fixed Pie are stoked with the partnership being created between the Fixed Pie and it's a kwazy life blogs, and hope you all take the time to check us out! Enjoy the event!

1 comment:

Tom said...

Finally, I can take a rest from blogging....

El General and Jason... Let's raise it up a level and start asking for writers...

Jason, per our conversation on Red County and op-eds, work the angle from you end...