Friday, April 17, 2009

The New Survivor Reality Show: Will Russia Become Isolated by North Korea's Development of its Nuclear Program?

This should make Russia pause and do some serious thinking...While we take our inspectors out North Korea, will Russia step up and play the bad guy.

The United States' position taken under the Bush administration when it lifted the designation that North Korea was no longer a state that supported terrorist, to the weak-kneed response of the Obama administration, Russia is finding itself in an odd situation.

When the United States had a tough policy, Russia played that to their advantage.

If there were a reality television series called "Survivor" for countries, Russia would be the one forming alliances with rogue states while putting on a different face of trying to form an alliance with the United States.

Russia is good at the back stabbing part.

Now we have entered a new era where we have Obama who is a weak leader and has decided to pull out of North Korea, our inspectors.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — U.S. monitors of North Korea's nuclear program left the communist nation after the regime ordered them out and vowed to restart its reactor in anger over U.N. criticism of its recent rocket launch.

The four Americans arrived Friday in Beijing on a flight from Pyongyang but declined to speak to reporters. Their departure came a day after U.N. nuclear inspectors left the North. One U.S. official remains in Pyongyang and will leave Saturday, the State Department said.

Now Russia has to be thinking, what is China doing..

This is what China is doing...

TOKYO (AFP) — Beijing would welcome direct US-North Korean talks, the Chinese foreign minister suggested in an interview published on Friday, amid international efforts to get Pyongyang to end its nuclear programme.

"We hope that the United States and North Korea will improve their relationship and develop it," the Nikkei economic daily quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi as saying in an interview in Beijing on Thursday.

It is surprising how little mention there is on the relationship between China and North Korea in the press in the past two days.

Most of the press has been focused on Russia and North Korea

Now that North Korea is under the protection of China, I would bet that Russia is feeling a little left out of the alliance that it tried to develop with North Korea.

Now Russia is going to try to establish a stronger alliance with North Korea in order to trump China's relationship.

A Russia government official says Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov will visit North Korea next week.

A duty officer at the Foreign Ministry says more information about the trip will be released on Monday.

Russia is pushing for a resumption in international talks to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear program after Pyongyang claimed to have launched a satellite.

Diplomats involved in the six-nation talks on nuclear disarmament say the launch violated resolutions barring North Korea from ballistic missile-related activity.

The Russian ministry officer spoke Friday on condition of anonymity in line with standard procedure in confirming Lavrov's planned visit.

You have the Russian tribe trying to wheel and deal with the North Korean tribe so that Russia doesn't get kicked out of the game of survivor.

Looks like China is in the position of calling the shots.. And that has Russia concerned..

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