Monday, April 13, 2009

North Korea Goes Rogue on the U.N. and Obama

Report: North Korea to quit nuclear talks

CNN) -- North Korea's foreign ministry said the country will quit talks aimed at disarming the country of nuclear weapons and strengthen nuclear capabilities, state-run media reported Tuesday.

What will Obama do.... Continue to disarm the United States?

That writer from the Huffington Post, William Bradley comes out with another screamer on how well Obama is doing...

On Friday, Obama gave the order for the pirates to be killed if Phillips was judged by the captain of the Bainbridge to be in terminal danger from his armed captors. Which, of course, could be seen as being true at any point.


The launch actually failed in its mission of putting a North Korean satellite in to orbit. While the first stage of the rocket was successful, launching it over an agitated Japan, failure occurred somewhere in the second or third stages.

First, it was Obama who wanted to end it peacefully. He wanted to be the "check valve."

The president wanted the opportunity to say, 'Have we tried everything to make this reach a peaceful conclusion?' " said the senior military official. "He wanted to be a check valve so that everybody was looking at all options.

There was only one option to begin with. Shoot to kill and no questions asked.

On the launch, it did precisely what the North Koreans wanted; to learn how to make it work.

Next time, maybe Obama won't wait before ordering the go ahead on shooting the next rocket launch down.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Messiah Obama can't have it both ways. He is reneging on his campaign promises and going the way that Bush did in foreign policy. What a hypocrite! Ha! What a egotistical loser too.

I am putting ALL of my faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Tom Schuckman
Wisconsin- Disable Vietnam Vet
Jesus is Lord.

gary said...

North Korea is a world problem, not just a US problem. That means the UN is supposed to resolve it. Clearly they cannot. This is root cause. The solution is a drastic overhaul of the UN, specifically democratic reform.

www.UnitedDemocraticNations.orgUntil we recognize that an organization that makes no distinction between democracy and dictatorship cannot possibly succeed, we're stuck in a rut.