Monday, April 20, 2009

North Korea Major Trade Partner with Sakhalin Region

The Sakhalin Region Carries on Trade with 57 Countries

UZHNO-SAKHALINSK. April 21. VOSTOK-MEDIA – According to the data of Customs statistics, the foreign trade turnover of Sakhalin region amounted to $ 1.35 billion for the last three months of 2009. The number is 994 mln less than for the same period of 2008. 115 of these money is import and 89% export. More than 3.34 mln tons of various goods crossed the border that is 10% more than for the same period of the previous year.

Foreign economic activity included 57 countries.

The North Korea is a major co-trader country – foreign economic activity accounted $548 million, the second largest trader is Japan - $536 mln, China took the third place - $108 mln, USA - $62 mln, Great Britain – 28 mln, Singapore – 12 mln, Norway –6 mln and so on.

Sakhalin region export accounted $1.2 billion that is by 934 mln less than at the same period of 2008. The major items of export: oil – 91,1%, seafood – 3.3%, ferrous metals – 0.8%, coal – 0.4% and so on.

The import made up $143 mln, that is 30% less than for the samr period of 2008

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