Friday, April 24, 2009

A Revolution is Brewing: Palin Tea Anyone?

53% Say Next President Likely To Be A Republican

Not bad for the first 100 days of Obama's presidency...

For the first time since Barack Obama was elected president last November, more than half of U.S. voters (53%) say it is at least somewhat likely that the next occupant of the White House will be a Republican. Thirty-one percent (31%) say it is Very Likely.


Naturally, there is a partisan divide--77% of Republican voters say it’s likely the next president will be from their party. Just 39% of Democrats agree.

Still, that’s an increase among both parties from previous surveys. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 47% now say a GOP president is likely, while 33% think not.

By 2010-2011, all of the fuss about Palin will be forgotten and the press will have nothing more to talk about.

The press who played the boy who cried wolf will have come to rest and the ankle biting wolves will have faded into the deep dark parts of the woods and their faint cries of ethics violations, lies and innuendo will no longer make the news.

Because the MSM will soon realize that with all of their crying, Palin's poll numbers continue to rise and they lose viewers while the economy continues to tank and countries like North Korea threaten our security.

Obama will be just an entry on a history page and Americans will look to a leader who can call out men like Obama who were/are palling around with men like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Hugo Chavez and call them out with honor and no guilt for doing it.

Color the Obama presidency: FAILED

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