Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Success (Update)

Update by Tom:
Jason, I saw that you had your draft setup so I am putting the thread I had up here as an update...

The Fixed Pie

So the Anchorage area TEA PARTY went off perfectly today. Estimates were about 1,500 people, I got there about a half hour in and we had the street corners around the federal building covered. My personal favorite as far as the signs went was "God only requests 10%." There was a load of support and lots of people honking and driving by in support. Some silly liberal woman walked by shouting about taxes paying for the road, if only she realized we were fighting for limited taxes, not no taxes. Silly people. Another great sign, "Wealth cannot be multiplied by first being divided." The little girl was awesome, if you look closely she is waiving the American Flag in one of those pictures.

The ADN's coverage.

KTUU coverage...

Update by Tom:

The Celtic Diva puts her two cents in....

Then there were the ones who caused some government workers and people-of-color to walk all the way around the crowd. One sign said "If you work for the Government, you're part of the problem." Then there were these:

Correct me if I am wrong, isn't that a man of color holding a book up title the South was Right? And to think that the Diva questioned the man of color holding a book up....The same people she referred to as walking around the crowd..

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