Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Travelling Flu Bug (Update)

Mexican states with swine flu outbreaks

Mexican states identified by health authorities as having confirmed swine flu outbreaks:

_ Mexico City

_ Mexico State

_ Veracruz

_ Oaxaca

_ Baja California

_ San Luis Potosi

Some, including Oaxaca, Mexico City and Baja California, have tourist areas. But authorities have not said where in these states the outbreaks occurred.
Swine flu spreads to France

PARIS, Apr 26 - French health authorities have found two suspected cases of swine flu in travellers returning from Mexico and others are expected to follow, the top health official said in an interview Sunday.

"We do have suspicions, but these have not been confirmed, about two people who have returned from Mexico," general health director Didier Houssin told Le Parisien newspaper.

"There will certainly not be a lack of other cases in the coming days because there have been a lot of flights and boat trips" from Mexico, he added.

Akld students test positive for Influenza A

It has been confirmed that ten of the party of students and teachers from Auckland's Rangitoto College who returned from a school trip to Mexico on Saturday with flu-like symptoms, have tested positive for Influenza A.

Woman placed in isolation in Montreal hospital after Mexico visit: report

Monica Whelan, the daughter of a Montreal woman in hospital, was quoted by a national news outlet as saying that her mother has a fever and is coughing following her return from Mexico.

And relatives who live in Mexico are sick as well, she said.

"With news that it's been going around Mexico, my mother went right away to the hospital and now she's on quarantine and she's isolated, and we still haven't found out any news yet, so we're very worried and hoping it's nothing serious, but her family is getting worse in Mexico," Whelan said.

"Her niece just ended up in the hospital (in Mexico). She couldn't breathe. So we're really, really worried right now."

Follow Up : CTV WEB EXCLUSIVE: West Island woman relieved after release from quarantine

Patricia Whelan, a West Islander who feared she had contracted swine flu while in Mexico, was released from the Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire Saturday afternoon, after spending hours under quarantine.

The Dollard-des-Ormeaux resident, 50, said she underwent a series of blood tests after being placed in isolation, and was eventually informed that she did not have the potentially deadly strain of flu.

Hot arrivals from Mexico face swine flu scrutiny

Welcome to Japan: A family arriving from Mexico is checked out with a thermographic device at Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture on Saturday. KYODO PHOTO

It will be interesting to see if certain flghts going to Mexico are canceled.


Canada confirms four swine flu cases

Spain Reveals 3 Suspected Swine Flu Cases

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