Monday, May 11, 2009

Andree McLeod: One Man's Strip-tease Artist is Another Woman's Supporter (Update)

I got to thinking about Andree's comments about women's breasts falling out of their clothing. Then I thought to myself, what the hell Andree, what was the deal about the campaign support from the strip joint?

Andree knock it off, you are your own worst nightmare now.


I have a real problem with the individual who writes for his blog Alaska Pride and when it comes to innuendo or speculation, it needs to be corrected.

Alaska Pride comes up with some lame brain idea on why Mcleod has a fashion conscience.

Andree McLeod's less typical background reveals another possible reason why this has become an issue. According to previous Alaska Voter's Guides published in 2002 and 2004, when she ran unsuccessfully for the House District 24 seat, McLeod was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Undoubtedly, she came in contact with Muslims while she was there, possibly even the fundamentalist type who currently run Hezbollah. Fundamentalist Muslims strongly encourage women to cover themselves up in chadors or burkhas, because they believe a woman has a responsibility not to tempt a man beyond his ability to bear it. This implies that a woman has a responsibility to conduct herself in a manner that discourages sexual exploitation when she does not intend to be receptive to such overtures. Women who dress "sexy" are considered to be advertising their availability and receptivity. This philosophy could have easily influenced McLeod's thinking.

For the record, Andree is a Catholic. And I would put much faith onto what R.A. Mansour has left in comments on the thread.

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