Sunday, May 17, 2009

David Stokes on the Quayling of Governor Palin

The Quayling of Sarah

The “Dan Quayling” of Sarah Palin continues and this make-her-look-stupid-campaign testifies to the fact that she remains a formidable political figure. The irony of this is largely lost on most of the “beautiful” minds over at NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, & ABC, where the teleprompters double as mirrors.

The charismatic Governor of Alaska draws enthusiastic crowds wherever she goes – even after the defeat of the Republican ticket at the hands of the yes-we-can guys. And the very idea that she can make millions with a book at a time when publishers are shy about taking many risks in these challenging economic times, suggests that the lady has not-too-shabby metaphorical legs, as well as real ones.

Indeed and meanwhile, mindless bloggers like what's-her-name at mudflats is talking about a book about bloggers and offering some self-congratulatory hyerbole about bloggers changing the democratic process in a good way.

Would that be as in report inuenndo and lies that are picked up by the lame stream media types like Chris (I have a tingle in my leg) Matthews, Keith (I have an olive fruit fly in my soup) Olbermann and Rachel (Do I really know anything) Maddow, talking about the inuenndos and lies as if fact.

Like I said in a previous post, you could write a book about the congregate of idiots on the left and title the book How to be a Dumbass Without Really Trying.

Here is a little consoling for bloggers of the ya ya sisterhood.

Blogger on (under) the Bus is sure to be a New York Times best seller.

And last but not least, Sheila Toomey thinks Palin will be laughing all the way to the bank..

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