Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Governor Palin, Line Item Veto the Hell out of the Stimulus Package

For starters, line item veto the education funding.

As I said before, only 50% of the earmarked money for each student makes its way into the classroom. And as I said before, Hawker doesn't know boo-hoo about the education budget and where the money actually goes.

The legislative audit that was done, was a joke.

Proof on this is; the 11 million dollars that the Anchorage School District found lying under their money tree.

When was last time you read an ADN editorial that was negative towards the ASD and bonds.

It's nice the Anchorage School District has found $11 million that it can use for projects that were on the bond propositions that failed last month. But it doesn't do much for the district's credibility when this money suddenly materializes after voters defeated a much larger maintenance bond. The newly discovered $11 million came from previously-approved bond proceeds and interest earnings. The board didn't know that money was available for use, or it probably wouldn't have asked voters for that $11 million, said board member Jeff Friedman.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. You could say the ASD is nothing but one big forest made up of little money trees. And it plays a shell game with the money.

And the voters spoke at the polls, not a group of special interest folks who have time or it's their job to sit in the gallery and make their voices known.

The ballot box was louder.

As for the weatherization program, great if you don't want to buy windows.

Ask yourself Governor Palin, why is the point system used, so low on windows and doors and so high on the small stuff, with exception of replacing the boiler unit.

Does it make sense to change a heating unit and not single pane windows? Ask the staff in the weatherization program, why the point system is so low on the replacement of windows and doors.

If you take an infrared picture of any house built in the 60's, 70's and early 80's guess where the heat is escaping from.

You change a heating unit only to keep throwing heat out the window.

The weatherization program by the federal government does take this into account by requiring the windows have a U-Factor of .30 or less and offer consumers who do change their windows to the new U-Factor, a 30% tax break up to $1500.00.

Instead of cutting state funding and replacing it with federal money, the proper way to handle the weatherization program from the federal government is through a federal tax credit or rebate.

Moreover, it reduces the chance for abuse and growth in government positions to administer the weatherization program. And once the positions are created, (and I am sure the will be unionized) good luck on eliminating those newly created positions, once the federal dollars are gone.

Let the free-market work by offering up incentives through rebates from manufacturers, reduction in pricing and let the federal government provide the tax relief for the investment through a rebate program (not just 30% of the cost up to $1500.00) done through the IRS and not limit it to $1500.00.

Governor Palin, there is a time when it comes to lead and this is that time.

It's not all about federal strings, that is only part of it, its about incurring a federal debt that will be placed on our children and as a parent, I do not want to see my daughter incur that debt.

Governor Palin, line item veto the hell out of the stimulus package. Because when the federal bill comes to pay the stimulus package back, our children's future will have gone to hell.


Just Sayin said...

"Governor Palin, line item veto the hell out of the stimulus package. Because when the federal bill comes to pay the stimulus package back, our children's future will have gone to hell"

Please, your childrens future went to hell when the stimulus passed in Congress(U can thank Begich). Palin vetoing the hell out of it doesnt stop the money from being spent. It would just be spent in other states instead

Tom said...

Point one. It is presumptuous to think it will be spent in other states.

The deadline has come and pass on many of the funds. Exception is transportation funds.

And there is still no guarantee that other states will use the funds since they will have to qualify for them.

Point two Governor Palin's own words:

The federal economic stimulus package will have profound, long-term implications. Our citizens and future generations must have the hope of meaningful work and economic opportunity, rather than be burdened by higher taxes and increased national debt.


Sarah Palin
Point three:

We know what Governor Schwarzenagger has said about wanting refused money, however, when it comes to government.

California Voters Say Cut Government Spending, Don’t Raise Taxes

Californians will vote next Tuesday on a series of budget-related propositions, and one thing is clear from new Rasmussen Reports telephone polling in the state: Voters aren’t in the mood for tax increases to ease California’s budget woes.There is a reason for the tea parties and it goes straight to the issue on the stimulus money.

Point Four:

There are no excuses for not vetoing the funds, period.

Point Five:

If Sanford vetoes the budget and Palin doesn't, then the GOP has found their new leader.

Governor Sanford Speaks Out About the BudgetNorth Charleston, SC - Governor Mark Sanford (web | news) is not backing down in the battle over the state budget. Sanford is expected to veto that budget later this week, but lawmakers are planning to fight back.It's that simple.

Just Sayin said...

Point Taken.

But there is still a certain amount of politics involved with what Sanford is doing as well. Sanford unlike others governors is at the end of his final term as governor. He is free to grandstand without certain consequences in my opinion.

Since you are up there in AK, What do you think Sarah is going to do in the end???

Tom said...

What the Gov. does, hard to say.

She still has the gas pipeline issue and the stimulus package.

I think the book idea as a side will be good for her.

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