Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mexico Previously Stated No New Cases of Swine Flu But More Deaths Occur

Last Week, Mexico stated there were no new cases of the swine flu. But yesterday, there were more deaths from the flu.

CHICAGO (AP) — Authorities in Mexico announced three more swine flu deaths and the United States and Canada one more death each as the world's largest vaccine maker signed a deal with the United States to produce a swine flu vaccine.

The A.P. continues with the news on Sanofi's contract with Canada and the U.S. on the production of the new swine flu vaccine.

Sanofi Pasteur said Monday it has won a $190 million order from the United States government to make a swine flu vaccine. Sanofi Pasteur, which operates flu vaccine production plants at Swiftwater, Pa., and in Val de Reuil, in France, said it could begin commercial production in June.

Meanwhile, politicians who oppose the cartels are being injured or killed by gunfire.

Gunmen in Mexico have attacked four leftist politicians in two separate attacks in the country's southwest.

Police say unidentified attackers ambushed a car carrying three Democratic Revolution Party members Monday in the coastal state of Guerrero. Officials say one of the gunmen opened fire, injuring all three politicians.

In a separate incident, Mexico's Public Safety Department said gunmen near Acapulco opened fire on a vehicle carrying a congressional candidate for the Socialist Democratic Party. The gunmen missed the candidate, Manuel de la Barrera, but wounded his driver in the attack.

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