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Motor city Madness: Is Obama Putting Mo Money back into Motown

Motor city Madness: Is Obama Putting Mo Money back into Motown

When I first came across the information on a possible connection between political ties and Chrysler dealers being closed at Doug Ross' website, I found the information interesting.

And then I came across more information at the Gateway Pundit and I became more interested.

So I did a brief search on Chrysler closing down minority owned dealerships and I found more interesting information that gives one the sense that a pattern is emerging on the closing of Chrysler dealerships.

As Michelle Malkin has pointed out, on making claims of partisanship, there may be more dealerships owned by Republicans than Democrats. But would that be the case in minority owned dealerships.

Maxine Waters Wants to Put a Car in Every Minority Americans’ Driveway

What first intrigued me in the closing of minority dealerships was; during testimony of the big three automotive companies, Maxine Waters was concerned on minority owned dealerships. She used the term “small independent dealers” to describe them.

And knowing how Waters wants to nationalize just about every big company, I have decided to state on this thread that she must want to put a car in every American minorities’ home as long as they don‘t live near a dealer who happens to be a Republican donor or possibly a Republican minority.

To get a quick glance at the organization that represents the minority owned dealerships, I viewed an hour long video of comments on the problems that plagued the dealers.

So given Maxine Waters’ comments, it is safe to say, politics does play a role in how dealerships are run and closed. But how politics are played need to be carefully examined.

Motor city Madness

Originally, it was thought that 140 minority owned Chrysler dealers out of the 170 minority owned Chrysler dealers were going to be closed.

But the facts on the closing of the Chrysler dealerships are; out of some 170 minority owned Chrysler dealers, only about 32-38 minority owned Chrysler dealers were closed.

The original reason for the high number was; the minority dealers were smaller in size and offered only one brand. So given that thought process, why did so many stay open? My guess is Obama, Maxine Waters and politics.

What I find interesting is as was reported; out of 14 metro dealerships in the Detroit area that were closed none were minority owned.

So here is a published list of 38 Chrysler dealers that are closing in Michigan.

Some of the dealers do not have any political information because there was none that I could find.

Beacon Sales, Charlotte

Bee's Motors, St. Johns (Jefferey Feldpausch - NADA Donor)

Bero Motors, Escanaba (Lenord Bero - Democrat Donor)

Birmingham Chrysler, Troy (Richard Mealy - Republican Donor)

Bollinger's Inc., Lakeview

Bruce Campbell Dodge, Redford Township

Century Dodge, Taylor

Clarkston Chrysler-Jeep, Clarkston

Colonial Dodge, Eastpointe (Arthur Roshak - Republican Donor)

Dirk Waltz Buick/Olds/Jeep, Midland (Dick Waltz - Republican Donor)

Draper Dodge, Saginaw

Elhart Dodge, Holland (Jeff Elhart - NADA Donor)

DBA Elhart Jeep, Holland

Fletch's Inc., Petoskey

Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep, Plymouth George Ordus Chrysler Dodge, Bad Axe

Joe Ricci of Dearborn LLC, Dearborn (Joe Ricci - Donor to Dealership PAC)

Livonia Chrysler Jeep, Livonia (Collen McDonald - Republican Donor)

M & M Dodge, Kalamazoo (Rand Koetje - Republican Donor)

Martin Chrysler-Jeep, Saginaw (William Martin - Republican Donor)

Meadowbrook Dodge, Rochester Hills (Tony Viviano - Republican Donor)

Monicatti Chrysler Jeep, Sterling Heights (Kenneth Monicatti - Republican Donor)

Motorquest of Jackson, Jackson

Mt. Clemens Dodge, Clinton Township

Northern Auto Co., Rogers

Orrin B. Hayes Jeep-Eagle, Kalamazoo

Signature Jeep Eagle, Owosso

Riverside Auto Sales of Marquette, Marquette (Irma Elder - Minority Owned - Republican Donor for Bush/Cheney 2004 and RNC)

Rivertown Jeep, Cheboygan

Lochmoor Chrysler Jeep, Detroit (August Russo - Republican Donor)

Schafer, Pinconning (Russell Lafave - Dealer Election Committee)

Siemans Jeep, St. Joseph

Story Chrysler-Jeep, Lansing

Tamaroff Dodge, Southfield (Anthony Jerome - Republican Donor)

Maple Hill Chrysler, Kalamazoo

Urka Auto Center Inc., Ludington

Ver Hage of Holland Inc., Holland

Victor George Chrysler Jeep, Flint

Village Chrysler Jeep, Royal Oak

I will continue to update on the Chrysler dealerships as more information comes out on who the minority owned companies are.

I will also look at who the minority dealerships are in the Detroit metro area that didn’t lose their dealerships. That is an important key, since it was stated by Chrysler that the smaller dealerships were not as profitable.

The question is why would they remain open… With the Obama administration running the show, you could call it business madness to close profitable dealerships while keeping dealerships who should be closed, open.

It should be noted that some dealers did donate to the dealership PAC but did not donate to Republicans but show up on the list. There could be many reasons, but one thing should be looked at is how the PAC contributed to political causes.

I would venture to guess it leaned towards Republicans.

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