Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Developments Within the Florida GOP

The other McCain at Hot Air has a pretty good read with links on the Republican primary in Florida.

I would guess that Crist doesn't have the race sewn up yet. When Crist is sliced and diced and put into the political Cuisinart, Crist comes out looking mushy when it comes to conservative values.

And given poll after poll showing less government is more money in my pocket, well you will get the picture.

One of the links from the article is from the folks at Red County.

Good read on an important race. As for a bad read on the race, you can go to the Huffington Post and read the feminists Ms. Stan's take on it.

But I will save you the trouble, she thinks Crist has it in the bag. But you know, the race is far off and alot of stimuli can happen.

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Tbone said...

Crist is still likely to win the primary. He is just to popular in Florida. Unless Republicans become more conservative than they have been the last 8 years. Even though he is not very conservative. He actually campaigned with Obama for the stimulus in Florida and backed its passing.