Friday, May 08, 2009

Palin Haters have an Obsessive Quality About Them

wrote on 05/09/2009 00:28:51 AM
How totally BLATANT. Todd Palin,s official webpage on the State of Alaska, governors site links to, Iron Dog, that links to his COMMERCIAL ENDORSEMENT for, Mystic.

Almost as BLATANT as Palin UNPRECEDENTED in, MONOGRAMMED, Arctic Cat, gear, from head to toe while being photographed by Sport's Illustrated, which ran a three page advertisement for, Arctic Cat and Todd.

Iron Dog: Team #22 Todd Palin and wife, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin before start of Pro Class race at Big Lake. Wasilla, AK 2/8/2009 CREDIT: Simon Bruty (Photo by Simon Bruty /Sports Illustrated)

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wrote on 05/09/2009 00:21:53 AM:
What was Palin doing on March 14th and 15th...she was NOT acknowledging the, Alaskan Special Olympics.

She was paling around with People Magazine reporters in Freddy's on the 14th though and giving an interview about how Bristol is 'Doing Just Great' on the 15th.

Her PRIORITIES are ethically challenged.,,20265779,00.html

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wrote on 05/09/2009 00:15:14 AM:
This is what backs, Palin.

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wrote on 05/09/2009 00:14:38 AM:
Palin Popularity Plunging in Polls

It's crap. Sarah's excuse is cr ap. Her actions are as erratic as her reasoning.

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wrote on 05/09/2009 00:09:22 AM:
Where are the Yahoo Emails? What is going on with, Palin, hiding official state business on an unsecured, public hosted, medias?

And, WHY IN THE HECK is Todd Palin representing Alaskans back East tonight and tomorrow.

Is the Lt. Governor that incompetent he is not allowed out of state?

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wrote on 05/09/2009 00:05:44 AM:
Palin croonies try to INTIMIDATE complainant.

So Conservatives4Palin and radio hack Eddie Burke are joining forces in a newfound mission to harass and defame Ms. Andree McLeod.

As heard on his radio show yesterday, Burke stalked and harangued her at the victory celebration for new Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan Tuesday Night. (Remember, folks, contrary to the misinformation we are spoon-fed by the right, the truth is that Ms. McLeod is a Republican...there is no "Democratic Conspiracy"...there are no checks from Obama **sigh**...)

C4Pers are patting him on the back for a job well done. But listen to the YouTube...what's that I hear? Is he actually RECORDING A CONVERSATION SHE'S HAVING WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!! Mr. Badass Toughguy didn't show her the mic until the point where she told him to get it out of her face?

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Proof positive that PDS is truly a mental health illness.

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