Friday, May 15, 2009

What's-her-name at Mudflats is picking On Stevens Now

To the people Outside who read what's-her-name at the mudflats and think she's cutesy with the infantile remarks.

Here is a real comparison; first you have the idiots who have been filing ethics complaints against Palin and then you have a team of prosecutors who may get a little legal time out for themselves for filing false representations in motion practice and other conduct unbecoming of an officer of the court.

What's-her-name, here is a clue:

New[ name ]
Fri May 15
06:21:05 AM IP# ***.***.*.***
IP name :
IP owner : US Dept of Justice United States
Washington District of Columbia

What brought them to this website? Joe Bottini and this thread where Wev Shea was not too bright on the topic of the DOJ.

What is interesting is; the documents from the John Mitchell Armygate case were faxed to the DOJ guys, investigating the Stevens case.

What's-her-name, you really are an idiot when it comes to contributing to intelligent discourse on the topic.

People with reason know that and the others that congregate at your website, follow along with the same idiocy that you display.

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