Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's-her-name at Mudflats is Stuck in the Mud Again

This gal, what's-her-name at Mudflats is is stuck on stupid, but by being stuck on stupid in the mudflats, she has a lot of mud to throw.

You just gotta love Michael Steele. He’s kind of like the head clown, leading all the other clowns in their herd of little red clown cars right over the edge of the cliff. What lies at the bottom? Complete political irrelevance. Recently there was a recent Gallup poll that said only 21% percent of Americans self-identify as Republicans any more. This gives me hope. Although we are continually bombarded with messages from that loud 21%, reasonable people have actually been scared away from the fringe religious radical right leanings of the Republican party and have jumped ship.

Fortunately for most, the only place her aim is sticking, is on her own blog and on other like mindled people like what's-her-name.

Makes you wonder if she and her followers shower after each thread.

So here is a little Mr. Clean from Gallup to add some shine to her muddied blog.

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