Thursday, May 14, 2009

Will Governor Sanford Become the Conservative's Champion in 2012?

After watching today's interview by Joe Scarbourough of the Republican Rep about Governor Sanford and then listen to the Republican say that Governor Palin was not out enough on the national circuit, I laughed at the comments.

First, Scarbourough seems to like Sanford by the media attention MSNBC and Scarbourough give the guy as indicated in the following video clips.

And this is not to find fault with Sanford, he is being asked to do the interviews and as such is stating his cause with the stimulus package, which is a good cause.

What is interesting, was Scarbourough's comments on how the Republican party should be inclusive of all types of people with different political feelings.

That is arguably the reason why the Republican party is in the condition it is. It has been a party that has gone to the moderate to liberal side of politics.

What else is interesting is the news coverage on the national level. You have Sanford getting press on political topics like the stimulus package and Palin being covered on family issues and book signing deals.

The headlines:

Inside Tea Party 2.0

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Another tea party day -- it's tomorrow. It is called Tea Party 2.0. If you wanted to go to a tea party on April 15 but could not make it or there was none in your hometown, tomorrow's your big chance. But tomorrow's tea party is very different from the April 15 tea parties. How different? South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is one of the hosts of the tea party. He joins us live.

Good evening, Governor. And what is your tea party tomorrow? And how is it different than those tea parties on the 15th of April?

Legislators force SC gov's hand on stimulus cash

The White House wanted to send South Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars to help patch struggling school budgets.

Now, the nation's most outspoken anti-bailout governor and irate lawmakers could be headed to state and federal courts to fight over control of $700 million in federal stimulus cash that would decide if hundreds of teachers lose jobs, whether colleges impose double-digit tuition increases, how many troopers will patrol highways and whether prisons will have to close.

Palin Signs Deal to Write a Memoir

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, who felt maligned by much of the news coverage of her unsuccessful vice-presidential bid last year, is writing a memoir.

Sarah Palin Defends Carrie Prejean Nude Photos

Sarah Palin Defends Carrie Prejean Nude Photos: Months after disappearing from the national stage, former vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin returns to the spotlight.

The Governor of Alaska, a former beauty queen, has come to the defense of Miss California Carrie Prejean and her recent Nude Photos scandal and gay-marriage controversy.

Note: Nowhere did Palin defend the nude photos...

Sarah Palin And The Beauty Queen

Were you wondering what had happened to Sarah Palin?

Well, the former Vice Presidential candidate is still out there fighting on the big issues facing America.

Today, for example, she weighed in on the important issue of the Miss California USA controversy.

Governor Palin has her work cut out for herself if she has any aspirations for a higher office. Vetoing the stimulus package is the best place to start.

As for Sanford, the headlines speak for themselves... The question is; will he be the champion of the conservative voice in 2012..

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