Friday, May 29, 2009

Will Members Within the Obama Administration and Chrysler Face a Civil Rights Lawsuit by Chrysler Dealers?

There is a pattern developing in the closing of Chrysler dealerships that have the look of some bias. If this pattern continues, then I would bet that Chrysler and the actors for federal government may be hit with a civil rights lawsuit.

The Chrysler Minority Report

When you look for trouble, patterns or bias, start at the top and work your way down. In this case, I looked at the group Chrysler Minority Dealers Assoc, (CMDA) that has formed a political exploratory committee and no doubt has some political clout. They are no different than unions and I would think that their representation towards their own members may show some political bias.

So let the investigating begin….

Chrysler Minority Dealers

Reginald Hubbard - Donated to Democrats

Jerry Dillard- Park Dodge Chrysler - No political data at this time.

Al Flores - No political data found at this time

John Roy - Southland Chrysler (closed) - While he donated to Democrats, he had filed for foreclosure in March, before the list came out. Some bloggers have used this a possible break in a common theme in the Chrysler dealership closures.

Frankly, it doesn’t compute since the dealership was well underway on closing its doors when it filed for bankruptcy and Chrysler came out with its list.

Jay Rivchin - Southdade Dodge - No political data found at this time.

Jesse Greathouse - Donated to Obama’s campaign.

Hal Howard - Goldsboro Chrysler (closed) - Donated to a Democrat

Interesting post can be found here. It seems according to the date of the post (December 31st, 2008) , Goldsboro Chrysler may have been in trouble long before any decision was being made by Obama.

Dale Early - Deerbrook Forest - No political data but in an early May, 2009 A.P. story, he had some interesting comments.

Sil Gonzales - Casa de Gonzales Chrysler Jeep - Co-Chairman of the exploratory PAC for CMDA. He donated to Democrat Xavier Beccera who vice Chair of the House Democrat Caucus.

Carlos Hidalgo - Folsom Lake Dodge - No political data

Eugene Johnson - Rainer Dodge - Donated to National Dealership Pac

Damian Mills - Stateline Motors - No political data at this time.

Fernando Falcon - Champion Chrysler - Donated to Obama.

Yonne Howell - Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Tulsa - No political data at this time.

Ed Corley - Ed Corley Dodge - Donated to the NADA PAC.

Randy Henderson - Webster Chrysler (closed) - Donated to NADA PAC.

Winston Pittman Sr. - Cardinal Chrysler Jeep Dodge - Donated To Obama and Republicans.

Out of the group listed, six donated to Democrats. And out of this group, only two were closed but it seems the two were in bankruptcy before the list came out from Chrysler.

The Facts are Black and White

The following is a list of top African American dealers and the list shows who donated to who and who is closed, but it is not complete at this time. Some of the individuals are members of CMDA so some of the information is redundant. But a pattern emerges here.

Boyland Auto Group (Open) Dorian Boyland, Gresham, Or.

Martin Chrysler (Open) Gail Martin, Bowling Green, Ky.

Cardinal Chrysler (Open) Winston Pittman, Louisville, Ky. Donated to Obama and Republicans.

Advantage Chrysler (Open) Desmond Roberts, Des Plaines, Il.

Metrolina Chrysler (Open) Reginald Hubbard - Charlotte, N.C. - Donated to Democrats.

Ed Corley Chrysler (Open) Eddie Corley, Gallup and Grants, N.M. Political ties unknown at this time.

Huntsville Dodge (Open)Ellenae Fairhurst - Huntsville, Ala.

Champion Chrysler (Open)Fernando Falcon - Indianapolis - Donated to Obama.

Stone Mountain (Open)Darryl Ford - Stone Mountain, Ga.

Stateline Chrysler (Open)Damian Mills - Fort Mill, S.C.

Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Tulsa (Open) Yvonne Howell - Tulsa, Ok.

Superstition Springs Chrysler (Open) Alfonzo Smith - Mesa, Ariz.

Webster Chrysler(Closed)Randolph Henderson - Webster, N.Y. Chrysler sought to close his doors before coming out with a list.

Jordan Frazier Chrysler Jeep Dodge (Open)Jordan Frazier - Bessemer, Ala.

Deerbrook Forest(Open)E. Dale Early - Kingwood, Texas

Vicksburg Chrysler Jeep Dodge (Open) Monti Long - Vicksburg, Mich.

Park Dodge Chrysler Jeep (Open) Jerome Dillard - Lexington Park, Md.

Cross Road Chrysler (Open)Jesse Greathouse - Oklahoma City, Okla. Donated to Obama’s campaign

Southland Chrysler(Closed)John Roy Southaven, - Donated to Democrats but was in bankruptcy before the list came out from Chrysler.

I noticed that there was not one minority owned dealership in the Metro Detroit area listed on the top African American Dealerships, but according to news reports, there were no minority owned dealerships that were closed in the Metro Detroit area.

This list and others will be developed as time goes on. For now, time is limited and as such, updates will continue.


Jesse Greathouse said...

The Obama administration wants to pick the winners and losers of business. (which is essentially anti-business). I wonder what will be the final result?

Jesse Greathouse said...

I don't think there's any net gain here for the businesses who "invested" in the Obama Administration judging by how bad the economy has suffered.