Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another WindBag is Attacking Palin and EXXON

Michael Brune from the Huffington Post has his pages crossed.

Yes, the former beauty queen who inspired thousands to chant "Drill Baby Drill" last summer apparently also believes that a Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Under Plan Palin, ExxonMobil and TransCanada would construct a 1700-mile natural gas pipeline from the Arctic, heading south.

But this gas won't be heading straight to the Lower 48, perhaps as a temporary alternative to America's greenhouse gas-belching, coal-fired power plants. No such luck. Instead, the pipeline will run to Alberta, where, based on current projections, about half of it is likely to be siphoned to help produce the dirtiest oil on earth.

Hey dumb ass, in case you missed it:

"..At the NWT-Alberta border, the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline would connect to a TransCanada pipeline, which would carry the gas onward to feed oil extraction in Alberta’s Tar Sands. The Mackenzie Gas Pipeline will likely fuel accelerated Tar Sands development, not provide clean fuel to heat homes in Canada and the U.S."

You environmental nut-jobs on the left can't even keep your asinine stories straight.

And BTW since we are on the topic of your idiot statements; since you are executive director of the Rainforest Network, the parent organization to the Alaska Rainforest Campaign, when was the last time you spoke to Matt Zencey who was part of your sub-group?

You know Matt Zencey, one of the editors of the forever shrinking Anchorage Daily News.

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