Wednesday, June 10, 2009

China's A/H1N1 Flu Vaccines Ready Soon

China's A/H1N1 flu vaccines ready soon

So we estimate the first batch of vaccines will be produced as early as the end of July.

Meanwhile, the storyline from the U.S. is October....

WHO Declaration of Swine Flu Pandemic Appears Imminent

U.S. health officials have said there's no way to tell now if the H1N1 virus will be more virulent when -- and if -- it returns to the Northern Hemisphere with the approach of winter.

A vaccine for the swine flu virus could be ready by October, if research and testing proceed on pace this summer. Candidate viruses have been shipped to vaccine manufacturers, agency officials said.

Bet you the virus in Mexico has been mutating and that is why the bi-partisan group on Weapons of Mass Destruction is not pleased with how Obama is handling the situation.....

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