Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the World Of Politics, If You Are A Republican, Your Personal Life Matters

The Christian Science Monitor has an article titled Sanford’s affair: a distraction the GOP doesn’t need.

The writer goes on to explain that:

But more critically, it will no doubt be a huge distraction from the real task before the Republican Party: to come up with a credible alternative vision to the one President Obama offers, to find a leader who can articulate it, and to shake off the shroud of hypocrisy that befalls the family-values party whenever one of its own admits to adultery.

There is an odd reality in politics and as I said briefly in the previous thread, Republicans are held to a higher standard. The same sentiment was stated today by Mark Levin on his radio show; Republican politicians are held to a higher standard.

And as such, their personal life becomes overly scrutinized by the media in order to find fault in their personal life so to destroy them.

Case in point, Sarah Palin.

Because of this, I put up the previous thread as a statement of fact.

This is the harsh political reality; Sanford is done and Palin will benefit politically from this.

The Christian Science Monitor ignores Palin entirely in the story, while Palin continues to shake off the barrage of mindless and false attacks.

The fact that Sanford's behavior was going on, and top Republican operatives within the Republican party were putting Sanford out there, should tell you the state of health the GOP is in.

As Larry Sabato was quoted in the article, Sanford is done. However, Sabato's thinking on what is wrong with the GOP couldn't be further from the truth.

“This just underlines again that Republican politicians should leave the preaching of moral values to preachers,” says Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia. “Until they move away from divisive social issues, this is going to happen to them again and again.”

It isn't divisive social issues that are the problem, it is how members within each party conduct themselves.

And the usual suspects in the mainstream media are trying to establish a connection between Sanford and Clinton.

What’s that old saying about throwing stones and glass houses? It sure comes to mind today. And it relates to President Clinton and two Republicans who just admitted they cheated on their wives.

The mainstream idiots like Alan Colmes still don't get it because they are part of a political philosophy that doesn't understand that human nature is not without faults but one should try to stay on high moral ground.

Lying about sexual misconduct against women or lying about having sex in the White House and having an impeachable offense pointed at you can't even come close to what Sanford did.

But the dumb ass left will try their damnedest to make it stick as they have tried so many times with Governor Palin; which leads me back to Sabato's comments about a leader for the GOP.

News flash for Sabato, it's a pro-life woman who has taken the heat when she shouldn't have and continued to press on.

When it comes to social issues, the recognition of individual liberties and the protection of those liberties is the cornerstone of the Republican platform.

The debate on the liberties of an unborn child as an example, is not an issue for the Sunday church pulpit, it is an issue for political debate.

Unfortunately if you are Republican, your personal matters are scrutinized and compared with Democrat politicians like Clinton who committed illegal acts and lied about them.

The left in their deranged way, demonize and pawn off equality with their own misdeeds through comparisons. But that is how Democrats operate when it comes to equality, they can never recognize it.

Fortunately, when it comes to the general public, they want leaders who take the moral high ground and they recognize leaders can falter at times, but what they don't want is; a leader who wallows in misdeeds and deception and presents it as truth.

Let the Democrat party be the party of politicians who take the low road and present the road as if paved with gold....

And let the Republican party be the party of politicians that take the high road and present it as the less traveled road with potholes and ditches.

And in the end, the general public will decide on which politician they want to follow and which road they will choose to travel with them on.

My bet is the general populace will follow one who has taken the less traveled road to get where they did.

So take note Sabato, Palin has Carharts, hip waders and boots. That should be enough to tell you what road she has been on.

Trouble is, the mainstream media with all of their B.S., forced her to put on those hip waders one too many times.

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Anonymous said...

Frankly,I am treating this as a personal matter. Sure,he is done politically,which is sad,but that is how it goes in politics.

He has asked for forgivness,and it will be given,that is what makes us Christians. We know people fall,and we help them back up and to retore what was lost. Hopefull,making them a better person.

I just hope that he is able to retore the trust that was lost with his family,for that is what truly matters.

Other than that,I beleive it is a personal matter.