Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Contributor to It's a Kwazy Life: El Syd

It's a Kwazy Life welcomes new contributor, El Syd.

El Syd will be writing about her years of political experience and tying it in with the events of today.

We discussed what she would like to focus on and she will be writing mainly about politics that are related to church and state.

Below you fill find a short introduction to a series of actual events that have happened in her life. And she will be expanding on the series of events and show how things have not changed in the past 40-45 years since she was involved in politics in the 60's.

Her background takes her from being involved in the civil rights movement, to being a volunteer in the Catholic Church to being a precinct delegate for the Democrat party, a delegate to the Republican party in Alaska and was both a teacher and union representative for the teacher's union.

Her varied background gives her a unique view on the politics of today.

I am grateful for the contribution that she will bring. And I think you will enjoy the historical perspective.

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