Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Representative Ramras: Playing Footsies with the Ethics Law

Because of C4P, I had the chance to hear the recorded conversation of Representative Ramras on the Eddie Burke show.

Some interesting points were made.

1. Ramras had stock investments in B.P.

2. Ramras was introducing legislation that would have benefited them.

3. Ramras told the legislature that he had the stocks.

4. Ramras has lived here in Alaska a VERY long time, so that makes him an expert on the ethics laws in Alaska .

4. Since Ramras has been in Alaska a VERY long time, he must know Wally Hickel and how Wally Hickel knew the ethics laws too.

In summary of Ramras and his comments.

First, since Ramras has been in Alaska for a VERY long time, he must remember Wally Hickel's fiasco when it came to stocks Hickel owned.

When it comes to being a legislator, Ramras is an idiot. You put stocks in a blind trust or sell them when it comes time to vote on KEY legislation that could boost your stock value.

That way you avoid breaking the ethics law.

His excuse on Russia is irrelevant when you consider that he may be more motivated to make up his loss through other means?

That is how the FBI gets their man.. Through sting operations, they look to corrupt the vulnerable.

And last, Ramras gets bent out of shape over Palin wearing an Arctic Cat jacket?

Where is that Celtic Diva when there may be an honest-to-goodness reason for an ethics complaint to be filed.

This guy gives conservatives a bad name.

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