Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swine Flu To Be Declared Global Pandemic (Update)

Swine Flu To Be Declared Global Pandemic

The World Health Organisation is expected to officially declare a swine flu pandemic after an emergency meeting in Geneva this morning.


It would also raise questions about why the step was delayed for weeks as the virus continued to spread.


GlaxoSmithKline is already working with a key ingredient of the swine flu vaccine to see how quickly doses can be produced.

And other major pharmaceuticals like Sanofi Pasteur have also been working on a vaccine after WHO gave them a "seed stock" of the virus last month.

However, drug giants say it could take up to six months before large amounts of a swine flu vaccine are available.

China has already stated that it can start producing it at the end of July. But since this flu strain is most likely mutating, they would have trouble with keeping up on a new vaccine for the latest strain that could possibly be stronger.

I suspect the orginal seed strains that have been developed, are usless now and new seed strains will have to be developed as this so called "second wave" continues.

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Bungalow Bill said...

There are a lot of crazy government scenarios that can take place once this is declared--including martial law.