Saturday, June 13, 2009

Top Ten Messages Left on Alex Rodruigez's Answering Machine

1. Hey Amigo it's Dave again, got a phone number for a good lawyer. How did I know she was only 14 years old?

2. Mr. Rodruigez, it's me again, yes you're the best baseball player New York Yankees had. Does this mean you'll help me out?

3. Alex, it's me again, I don't know if I asked, got any good muscle enhancement drugs?

4. Alex, it's me Dave, what did you mean in your message "pretend you don't know English."

5. Beuno Alex, Cris Matthews here and I got to tell you, that story brought a tingle up and down and all around my leg... Care to be on and talk about that seventh inning stretch, I need a ratings boost.

6. Hey Alex, Keith Olbermann here, don't worry, we gotcha covered, just go along with the Letterman story line. My ratings have been lousy. Oh I almost forgot, do you have any muscle enhancement drugs?

7. "Stand by, this is the White House operator". Uh, Uh, Um Um, Um. Hey Amigo, that was some pinching hitting you did in the seventh inning...

8. Alex, it's Katie Couric here, did you really have sex with Palin's daughter? Can we talk?

9. Hey hombre, Larry Flynt here, Dave Letterman called me and asked if you would back him up in a story for Hustler. Remember I have first right to the story.

10. Hey, Alex, it's Dave Letterman, could you help me out here, I have a little problem with that Palin woman and her 14 year old daughter, can you back me up? Oh by the way, do you have any good muscle enhancement drugs?

I will be point blank about this whole fiasco.

Todd Palin should have been front and center on this and should be the one confronting Letterman on this. This issue has become a distraction for Governor Palin and it has become Palin versus Letterman. Not Letterman versus a 14 year old.

The point of this thread is to point to the obvious through Letterman's actions and through a medium that he uses.

And what is lost? This is about a 14 year old and if Todd had been front and center, the focus would have stayed on their 14 year old daughter. And last, how does Rodruigez feel about his name being thrown in the mud with the issue?

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