Friday, June 12, 2009

Wally's World: If Palin Ain't on the LNG Train, Conductor Wally Hickel Throws Her on to the Tracks.

Too Frickin bad for Hickel.

Comrade Hickel had this to say:

When Governor Sarah Palin was elected in 2006, we believed she would put Alaska first. But once elected, she put Sarah first.

Hey Dermot, nice try on the weak article on no stimulus strings with the weatherization program.

Next time do your damn homework before putting out garbage.. But since you have your name attached to this redundant argument by Hickel, it seems your bad habits will not be broken too soon.


Note to C4P, Hickel is not an old school gentleman.

Hickel's comments on "I made her governor" is a hint at how Hickel thinks and operates.

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