Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's-her-name at Mudflats is Fraying at the Seams

First, what would you expect from the what's-her-name clan that goes round telling people Fuck You Tom

Think someone who gets a little pissy over a blog entry written about the what's-her-name clan, can stay above the fray themselves?

Yo, Mrs. what's-her-name clan, take the advice you give once in a while. It's called you are fraying at the seams.

In case you didn't notice, Governor Palin is above the fray..

It is idiots like yourselves who are stuck in the mud, wallowing in the muck along with the other idiots that put the photo of Soros on the Obama picture.

Two peas in a pod , er Mudflats come to mind?

Here is some advice, never compare yourself with someone who is equal to your own idiocy... A negative and a negative still is a negative.

Palin would be wise to ignore your clan's petty and catty personalities and leave the clean-up work to others.

Oh and by the way Mrs. Devon, you still are a potty mouth....

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