Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's-Her-Name at the Mudflats Just Jumped Over The Cliff

What's-her-name at the mudflats just jumped over the cliff on her latest screed.

And going by the comments section lauding the idiot, the body count continues to grow at the bottom of Mudflats cliff.

When you get right to the point, whats-her-name tries to show a link between David Letterman's comment and a comment from some woman that accused Wayne Anthony Ross of some derogatory remark about women.

Keep in mind, Ross didn't say it unlike Letterman, but what's-her-name tries in her dumb ass manner of drawing a comparison to show some kind of hypocrisy with two women legislators coming out and criticising Letterman.

You know it is women like what's-her-name that give the smart women a bad rap by men like Letterman.


Mrs. Devon said...

Fuck you, Tom!

TommyReport said...


Check out the poll...Mudflats won't post it so why don't you. Look at how Letterman's faves dropped among women, Republicans, and indies in just two weeks.


Letterman favorables/unfavorables on May 29-30

Overall: 50/38
Male: 49/36
Female: 51/39
GOP: 41/47
DEM: 55/32
INDY: 54/35


David Letterman Favorable/Unfavorables on June 14-15

Overall: 41/49
Male: 47/45
Women: 35/53
GOP: 20/75
DEM: 63/30
INDY: 35/48

Tom said...

Mrs. Devon.... Potty mouth...

TommyReport, thnx for the post.

Of course the dems like Mrs. Devon aka Potty Mouth" would fit the group that would increase in favorables with Letterman's potty mouth. (smile)