Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's-her-name at Mudflats Wants to Jump off the Stupid Cliff Again

In another dumb ass moment, what's-her-name at mudflats hasn't learned from her previous dumb ass moment on the case of Letterman vs. WAR, that when you piss on someone's leg don't tell them it's raining.

It seems Watson the environmental wonder dog has a thing against trees by pissing on them.

But according to the idiot what's-her-name at mudflats, that aim was directed at the NO on 64 signs laying on the ground.

Maybe Watson the wonder dog was sending a subliminal message (Piss on Trees, Don't Hug Them) to the environmental wackos... Since that is where his aim was.

Leave it to the idiots on the left to go along with the idiocy as they march behind what's-her-name and jump off the stupid cliff.

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