Friday, June 26, 2009

Would you Want to Pay Over $3000.00 a Year in Property Taxes on This House?

I am going to take a hard line on this thread and it may offend some but so be it.

I grew up in and around Detroit Michigan, my family also grew up in Detroit.

My dad lived his boyhood on Seminole and hung out with his friends at Belle Isle. So my family has seen Detroit change for the worse over the years.

For the most part, going back to the 70's, Detroit has had African American Mayors who were by party affiliation, Democrat and Detroit has seen its share of corruption in these Mayors.

Arguably Coleman Young started the trend of corruption and some successors followed in his path, namely Kwame Kilpatrick.

The purpose of this thread is to make a political statement about race and racism and how it plays on the African American community in Detroit. And how African American leaders who are Democrats are hypocrites to people of their own race.

The term "Uncle Tom" was/is used in a derogatory manner towards blacks who are perceived to take the position of being the carrier of the "white" message.

Black conservatives like Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas to name a few, fit that term that has been used against them.

These are black conservatives who arguably are held under a racist ideology by the left and people of their own race.

But when you consider black leaders namely Kwame Kilpatrick and Coleman Young, they in effect became "the man" holding the black man down.

I will use a very simple example and it deals with home ownership. Through my endeavors, I am investing in real estate in Michigan. I like Detroit and I think it has potential to come back.

My focus has been on foreclosures and from this, I plan to show the trials and tribulations through the blog Pimp My Foreclosure.

On a previous thread, I had pointed out how high property taxes are to blame on many of the foreclosures. People could not pay their property taxes in 2006, and 2007 while trying to pay their mortgages.

I will use the house below to show you how ridicules the taxes are in Detroit. And I will show you the cause and effect of tax policies of the past with Detroit Mayors Coleman Young and Kwane Kilpatrick who in effect, robbed people of their own race to pay off their cronies who were the white union bosses and corrupt businessmen.

So the question has to be asked of the people of Detroit, why do you continue to focus on a man's color when you vote, instead of how he stands on issues?

This behavior will not likely change in the near future, so it is with great hope, that Mayor Bing will look at implementing policies that are conservative in nature and quit stealing from the people of Detroit through outrageous property taxes and feeding the corruption that has existed in Detroit for years.

So without further comments on the matter of politics, here is a picture of a house that was $200.00. The story behind this purchase is my real estate agent in Michigan had sent me this listing with a short comment.

I thought he was joking until I read the engineer's report and looked at the area it is in.

The term "beauty is only skin deep" fits this 875 square foot house.

It looks like a lot of work on the surface, but the foundation and the structure are better than some more expensive houses that have surfaces that look great, but have serious problems with the foundations.

So, when you look at this photo, think to yourself, how could a city government justify charging the previous owners who lived in this house, just over $3200.00 a year in taxes?

All I can say is Mr. Bing is going to get a letter and link if I close on this one, asking him to justify the taxes.

Even if this house was fixed, the taxes are too high and this is happening on many residents in Detroit.

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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely dead on the mark. For Atlanta is the same way,with Mayors like Campbell,Young,and now Frankly - black mayors - the city has gone down hill,while corrption runs rampent.

Even in out lying cities,where black government officals,all democrats, have destroyed those cities via corruptions.

You post,as well as my comments isn't so much about race,as it is about corruption and race baiting,but fear some will make out that we are nothing but typical white conservative racist. When, in fact, we are just pointing out the truth of the matter.