Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alex Castellanos: Keep Attacking Palin and You Will Become Damaged Goods

You want to know why the Republican party is in bad shape? It is because the party listens to consultants like Alex Castellanos.

This is the guy that is out there cutting Palin down while telling Republicans to tell Obama to slow down on health care reform.

Slow down to do what? Just slow down? If Castellanos is trying to set himself up for a job with a Republican presidential candidate, he can forget it.

1. Palin will pull in money and chits this 2010 midterm election cycle.

2. Castellanos will continue with the vague general terms with slowing down on health care reform while talking about ideas that can be attacked as old ideas that have been tried and failed.

Or contrary to free market principles.

Because when you look at all the goodies in Castellanos' wish list, many conflict with each other like health insurance being transferred to another employer?

We want to change the law so you can take your health insurance with you if you have to change jobs (eliminating expensive and unnecessary insurance turnover).

Please spare use from your diatribe on how government should let the free market decide when in fact you want to create laws that do what you alleged the Democrats do.

So what you are saying is that the insurer from a previous employer should be paid by another employer?

Because if what you say were to happen, you would be forcing an employer to pay for an insurance policy that may not fit the new employer's pocket book

Keep attacking Palin like you just did and see who's political career is grim.

This was your brainchild right? What about RomneyCare? How did Romney do under your brainchild trust?

Capiche Senior.

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Tbone said...

The sad part about it is that there are Republican consultants that rip Palin worse than Castellanos. The other guy that I really hate is David Frum. The so called conservative columnist. He always attacks Palin. He has a site called the New Majority. He wants the GOP to be liberal or Democrat-lite.
The GOP beltway is sending them out to get Palin. They are afraid of her. The GOP beltway doesn't want to be conservative again. If Republicans want to win they have to stand for something again. Instead they go with Romney. Romney and Obama will have a great debate on healthcare.